Hebrew Hospital Home of Westchester Honors Our Volunteers!

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“The world is hugged by the faithful arms of volunteers.”  -Terri Guillemets

This month, Hebrew Hospital Home of Westchester hosted its 5th Annual Volunteer Luncheon in honor of the great people who volunteer at our home. From younger to older, our volunteers come in all ages and from different backgrounds. However, they all have one thing in common – they are beautiful, self-less people who enjoy volunteering at our home and recognize the value that their actions hold. Volunteering is great for all parties involved – it is extremely rewarding for the volunteers and for our residents. The tasks that volunteers help with range from transporting our residents to helping with eating and joining them during activities (i.e. art therapy, bingo, taking walks during the nice weather, or just talking, etc…)

Volunteer of the Year, Mary Newman!

Mary Newman wins HHH Volunteer of the Year awardThis year, our CEO Mary Frances Barret and the rest of HHH Continuum of Care honored Mary Newman, our Volunteer of the Year. Mary, 86, has been volunteering at Hebrew Hospital Home of Westchester for about 10 years now. Her husband was a resident at our home until he passed away, and since then Mary has been loyal to our residents – she comes at least once a week and is on call in case her help is needed.

“I love what I do,” says Mary, who has lived in White Plains her whole life. “I help feed the residents, bring them down for Mass, and sometimes just sit and speak with them.” Mary says she is thankful for the people she has met here, some of them being Ellen Goodman and Maria Scaros-Mercado, Assistant Director and Director of Therapeutic Activities and Volunteer Services.

“I fit right Mary Newman does it,” Mary continues. “I feel so comfortable here. Everyone is so willing to help and cares for the residents, and it’s so important. I know how scary of a process moving one’s family member into a home is… I went through it myself with my husband when he got sick. He was a large man, and I couldn’t take care of him by myself. Once we got here, we knew it was the best choice and the best place to be,” talks Mary of her late husband, John Newman, who was a policeman in White Plains.
Before becoming a volunteer at our home, Mary used to be a foster mother at Westchester Adoption for about 5 years. “I always need to care for someone, otherwise I’ll get bored!”

Mary has 7 beautiful grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren, all of whom live in Danbury.

Thank you, Mary, for your dedicated service to the residents of our home! You inspire us to always be better and set a wonderful example for our young volunteers. Our residents appreciate you and our staff loves you! Thank you again, and we hope you stay with us for a long time!