HHH Continuum of Care Supports Van Cortland Baseball League!

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As an organization whose mission is to provide quality care to our patients and residents, the HHH Continuum of Care greatly supports staff that give back to the community.

One of our exceptional staff members, Francisco Castillo, who works in the Maintenance Department on our Valhalla, NY, campus, is also the Vice President of the non-profit organization which runs the Van Cortlandt Baseball Team in the Bronx. With over 600 kids ranging from 6 year olds to 23 year olds, Francisco says this is his third job. “My second job is my 4 sons, all of whom play baseball as well. They are how I got into coaching. Now, when I leave my real job, I know that I have to go to the field because I have kids waiting for me, ready to play.”

Francisco says that having a baseball team to practice with provides the Bronx kids with a healthy, motivating and fun activity to engage into after school. “When they stay home for too long after school, it’s highly likely they’ll go outside to hang out and get involved with the wrong crowds. Here, they are excited to practice and exercise.  They are very active and for some, the exercise changed their lives. They also learn the value of working hard at something to achieve a goal. One of our kids just got signed up to Oakland A’s and one to the Detroit Tigers in the 2012 draft!”The painted baseball van that was donated from HHH to Van Cortlandt Baseball program



For the third year in a row, the HHH Continuum of Care has been supporting the Van Cortlandt Baseball Team by providing uniforms. This year, we also did something more – we donated one of our buses to the team to transport the kids to their games outside the Bronx!



HHH Staff receiving award from Van Cortlandt Baseball league

“A very special thank you to Theresa Norbom the VP of Sales and Marketing, Tom Muir the Director of Facilities Planning, Mary Frances Barrett, CEO and Peter Sanna, Executive Director for their help in donating the van to the kids of our baseball team!” Francisco says the Van Cortlandt Baseball Team is extremely grateful for the support and has awarded the aforementioned people a few tokens of their appreciation. Theresa, Peter and Tom received baseballs autographed by Robbie Cano, the NY Yankee’s second baseman and Ms. Barrett received a beautiful glass award.


HHH Continuum of Care applauds Francisco Castillo for his dedication to the youth of the Bronx. Francisco, you set a great example for the rest of us! We support you in your endeavor and are glad we could help! Best of luck to you, your sons and all the kids of the Van Cortlandt Baseball Team!