HHH Westchester Implements Snack Program Enhancements

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HHH of Westchester is happy to announce that based on feedback from the Resident Food Committee, we are enhancing our snack plan program in order to better accommodate our residents. In an effort to maximize the nutritious and health benefits of snacks as well as provide our residents with snacks more often throughout the day, snacks will now be offered to every resident by a CNA three times a day: 10 am, 2 pm and before bedtime.

The food service director rotates the snacks daily, so rest assured no resident will get the same snacks two days in a row! Examples of the snacks include rice cakes, pudding, cookies, fresh fruit and so much more.

Our newly enhanced snack plan program will complement the freshly prepared Country Kitchen-style meals that are served to our residents three times a day.  Every meal, which is served hot by kitchen staff, can be chosen from a large variety of options that are rotated daily. The assortment and abundance of food and snacks served to our residents at Hebrew Hospital Home of Westchester ensures that no resident is ever left unsatisfied!

Hebrew Hospital Home of Westchester would like to thank the Resident Council and Food Committee for giving us great feedback that we use to continuously improve our services, as well as for their dedication to our residents! We would also like to welcome our new Food Service Director, John Acevedo, to our HHH Continuum of Care Family! Good luck and we are happy to have you on board!

“We rely on the feedback of the Resident Council and Food Committee and we are constantly improving on the service that we are providing for the residents. John came to us with a strong Food Service background as well as experience in the Restaurant Industry. He is currently evaluating our food production and the quality of the food to ensure that it is at its best, as well as recipe compliance to make sure that all the chefs are following the same recipes. We’re working on creating a new menu and there are a lot of other exciting things going on here!” says Anne Marie Getlik, Registered Dietician at Hebrew Hospital Home of Westchester.