Pet Therapy Dog Volunteers at HHH Westchester and helps win award.

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HHH of Westchester Wins 10 Life Story Boards from See Me Communications for Honoring Volunteers in Celebration of National Nursing Home Week!

We are happy to announce that HHH Westchester was awarded 10 FREE LIFE STORY BOARDS!  The contest hosted by See Me Communications was designed to honor facilities and volunteers that care.  These are beautifully framed displays that give a visual and autobiographical account of each resident’s life story and offer insights that help others to interact with him or her on a more personal level.

We are sure that our residents, families and caregivers will benefit greatly from these additions to our home. THANK YOU, See Me Communications

A friend to all of our residentsHebrew Hospital Home of Westchester hosted its 5th Annual Volunteer Luncheon to honor those who sacrifice their time to make the lives of our residents happier and more fun! Among those who were honored was Trish, who brings Rocky the Pet Therapy Chocolate Labrador to our home every week.

“If you bend over she’ll give you a big, sloppy kiss!” Trish says. “It’s wonderful, to see how Rocky impacts the residents. First the residents start talking to her, and then they start talking to me, and then when I leave the room, to each other. She sparks liveliness and communication. She can feel what they are going through. Once, we came to see one of our residents that always plays with her. When he saw her, he started screaming, ‘Rocky, Rocky, come here my beautiful girl.’ And as she ran to him he started crying, I guess he was having a bad day. Rocky then stood on her hind legs and started licking him all over and I could tell she was so worried for him that he was crying. She started looking back and forth at me, like ‘do something!’ She was so affected by his crying. That day I realized how much of a connection she establishes with the residents, and how important it is for her to keep coming to visit them.”

Thank you, Trish, for bringing Rocky to our home every week! She is truly an adorable dog and brings great value to our residents, and even staff! We hope to keep seeing her in our hallways for many years to come!

 To read about Volunteer of the Year, Mary Newman, please click here.